Jergen’s BB Body: Why you need it.

BB Body

I had a little fun in Target last week! Who doesn't l o v e Target?! No one, that's who. I was purchasing a few items to restock my kit for some jobs this week (false eyelashes, mascara, Q-Tips, etc..) when I stumbled upon a bottle of something that sounded like MAGIC... And it is. Jergens BB Body   I purchased the Medium/Dark. (If you have ANY kind of tan in these warm months, I would go with that. It's not a very dark tint.) I couldn't wait to try this stuff. The Continue Reading

Our Little Secret Is Out

Baby Kelly

We've been keeping a secret.  I didn't want to, I swear! But it had to be kept. A three- month long secret... I know I've totally been MIA. I haven't been posting anything new or going to events or interacting. It's felt like there's a giant wall between us!! But alas, the time has come when I can share with you this secret, and things can go back to the way they were... SEAN AND I ARE FREAKIN' HAVING A BABY!!!!!! It must be contagious. I think 99% of my friends are preggo. Continue Reading

Look Pretty, Save Money: Mousse (not your mother’s 80′s hair product)


First! A mini update: Hi guys! I've been traveling/working for the last couple of weeks so pardon my absence. I've missed you. I was in Las Vegas for the 2014 ACM awards and then hopped over to Los Angeles for some much needed R&R with Sean. It was fantastic; time well-spent with great friends in awesome weather.... it was perfect. But alas, it's back to reality and back to the grind for me! I have just enough time to pop out the latest Look Pretty, Save Money before I meet with Continue Reading

I Like to Punch Things and You Should Too


It's spring, whether the temperature outside says so or not! And this means that summer is right around the corner. And that means that we will all be on the beach, at the pool or playing in sprinklers... in bathing suits.  See ya winter! Goodbye stay-in-and-binge-eat-cookie dough-movie-nights! (...maybe...) It's time to get our butts in gear and in shape. Good news! I just found the perfect solution for anyone who loves a butt-kicking workout and having fun.  B O X I N Continue Reading

Look Pretty, Save Money: EyeLash Growth Serum

Happy Monday, all! Today I'm bringing you one great product that my celebrity clients rave about/love and it's less expensive over-the-counter alternative that I use. Let's talk eyelashes. I'm a serious eyelash freak. I like 'em long, full and real. Buuut not all of us were born that way --> me! {{ Side note- I used to have lash extensions and they were better than you could imagine, I felt like I didn't even have to wear makeup! But between up-keep, cost and the lack of lashes I Continue Reading