Major Tips for Holiday Lips


Thanksgiving gatherings. Christmas parties (all of them). New Years Eve. What do these days all have in common? Eating and drinking! How's a girl supposed to keep her lips on whilst enjoying the holiday fare, without having to touch up every 6 bites? (Could we be so vain?) I'm sure most of us have tried a variety of different "Long Lasting" or "12 Hr. Wear" lipsticks. But do you know what I have found? The color may last but the wear does not. After an hour or two, my lips begin to Continue Reading

How TOXIC Is Your Skincare Routine? (And what to do about it)

Personal Care

"The Situation": 101 The European Union, over the last 2 decades, has banned over 1,300 chemical ingredients in their personal care products. {These chemicals have been linked to learning & developmental disabilities, autism, ADHD, hormonal alterations, cancer and even prenatal side effects, and these are just the beginning.} The U.S of A, however, has banned 11. 11?! To boot, our country hasn't passed a federal law to regulate ingredients used in personal care products since Continue Reading

My 3 Fav Healthy Preggo Habits!


I decided before I was even close to being preggo that once I was there, it would be the healthiest I'd be in my life, for me and for my bebe! I didn't want to fall victim to the lie that as women we have to gain 80lbs and consume double because we are "eating for two". The truth is that we ARE eating for two, but one of you is very, very small. The average woman only needs about 300-500 more calories per day throughout pregnancy to keep up with the demands of her and baby's growing Continue Reading

Think Skin Checks Aren’t Necessary? Check Out My Guest Post at REN Dermatology!

K. Kelly 2-1

I've recently acquired new friends at REN Dermatology! They're awesome.   They've asked me to use my experiences over the past 7 years of being a hair and makeup artist to write regular pieces for their blog, how fun! This is the first of many to come...   Click here to read about my recent run-in with some skin health issues, and why it's important to get skin checks on the reg!   Spoiler alert: Dr. Lee found a spot I didn't know I had. Continue Reading