Look Pretty, Save Money: EyeLash Growth Serum

Happy Monday, all!

Today I’m bringing you one great product that my celebrity clients rave about/love and it’s less expensive over-the-counter alternative that I use.

Let’s talk eyelashes. I’m a serious eyelash freak. I like ‘em long, full and real.

Buuut not all of us were born that way –> me!

{{ Side note- I used to have lash extensions and they were better than you could imagine, I felt like I didn’t even have to wear makeup! But between up-keep, cost and the lack of lashes I was left with when they were removed- I didn’t think they were worth long-term investment.}}

I took it upon myself to do some research and a little experimenting to find a solution that fits the mold, here’s what I found!

What they use: Latisse $120

Okay, I was ready to splurge on this one! My lashes are everything. I have seen lashes on my clients go from thin and brittle to full and voluptuous while using Latisse. Like, touching their eyebrows long. BUT I had read about some of the side effects certain users experienced- irritated skin, skin discoloration, permanent change in eye color! No thank you, I’d like to keep my baby blues, thank you. These side effects don’t happen to everyone, but I did NOT want to risk it. Are the guaranteed longer, fuller lashes worth it to you?

latisse kit


Buy it here if you wish!

What I use on me: Loreal Lash Serum $15

I found a less intense version, Loreal Lash Serum. It’s really more of a protein enhanced filler than a “lash grower” but it keeps my lashes healthy and bold. I definitely notice a difference in my lash thickness and length when I’m using this, with r without mascara! It’s a must have for me at all times– the second I run out, I run to go get more :)

l'oreal lash boosting serum


Buy it here!




Hope this helps ladies! Try it out now, and by summer your lashes could possibly be long and full enough to skip mascara when you’re at the beach/ pool/ water park/ sprinklers.

Runny mascara = not cute.

Healthy bare skin + healthy natural lashes = super cute.




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