I Got A Clarisonic – This Is My One Regret.

Clarisonic - My One Regret | Kirsten-Kelly.com

Here’s what happened (with photos)

The condition of our skin is so vital to feeling beautiful. Having the option to put on makeup (or not!)  is so freeing and a huge confidence boost, am I right?  If you’ve ever struggled with blemishes, you know how humiliating it can be. Don’t you just want to crawl into a hole and hide?! I most certainly did. I didn’t even want Sean to see me without makeup.

I have struggled with hormonal acne on-and-off throughout my life. The last 2 years have brought super fun, cystic breakouts on my right cheek. I spent most of that time hiding behind my strategically parted hair and utilizing my acne-covering makeup techniques. Thank God I’m a makeup artist.

I tried EVERYTHING– medicated creams, herbs and vitamins to balance hormones, changing my diet, over-washing, washing less, medication, masks, salicylic acid, benzoyl peroxide. I even read somewhere that applying Milk of Magnesia to your face would clear up acne. It didn’t. I could have owned stock in acne prevention. 

I kept hearing about this Clarisonic thing, my esthetician even used it on me during a facial. It took me 6 months of researching to decide whether or not I needed to spend $150 on something that cleans my face. I wanted to know it would be worth the investment.

Finally, I heard enough miraculous, acne-disappearing stories from Clarisonic users to make me cave… well, enough to ask for it for Christmas. (Thanks, Lovee!) I started using it immediately with Liz Earle’s Cleanse and Polish face wash.

The result: Regret.

I regret waiting so long to get this magical cleansing machine! It would have saved me all the money I spent on products that didn’t work, as well as the emotional turmoil that comes with bad skin.

Currently, I have not gotten 1 blemish since using a Clarisonic, and the scarring I was left with fades weekly. Look at these insane results! ~~> 

Clarisonic Testimonial | Kirsten-Kelly.com

I’m still shocked when I look at these photos, the difference is amazing. It’s night and day people!!

What is a Clarisonic?

This little hand-held piece of machinery uses patented sonic cleansing technology to loosen dirt, oil, makeup, pollutants and bacteria in an entirely new way. All this yuck forms a film that can cause breakouts, and even prevent the absorption and effectiveness of other awesome skincare products you may be using! I thought I was cleansing my skin thoroughly, turns out I was NOT.

  • It’s great for all skin types- they even have special brush heads for sensitive skin
  • It pulsates back-and-forth for gentle cleansing, not in a circular motion that can be abrasive to sensitive facial skin
  • Cleans 6x better than hands alone – read these studies to see the PROOF!
  • Prices range from $99-$225 depending on size and package
  • It can be used with nearly any cleanser, so there’s no need to swap out products you’re currently using
  • This is NOT just for women, men can greatly benefit from using a Clarisonic!

Clarisonic - My One Regret | Kirsten-Kelly.com

You should invest in the Clarisonic if..

  • You have light, moderate, severe or hormonal acne that you can’t control
  • You have large pores
  • Your skin over produces oil
  • You have fine lines, photoaging (sun damage) or acne scarring
  • You have uneven skin texture or coloring
  • You have dry, sensitive skin. The sensitive brush head and soothing face wash works wonders!

You should not invest in a Clarisonic if..

  • You have perfect skin. If your skin is already perfect, you don’t need to spend $99-$225 to achieve perfect skin. Go get a massage or something instead.



I can’t sing this thing’s praises enough! No longer do I have to hide behind my hair or hats, or spend 20 minutes covering unpredictable acne and the scars it leaves behind. It is so, so freeing to not be concerned with blemishes anymore. If you or someone know you suffers from the effects of troubled skin, the Clarisonic is worth it.


You can learn more about the Clarisonic here.

You can purchase one here.

It’s not a risk- if it doesn’t work for you, you get your money back

 *Disclaimer: I was not paid to say any of these things to you. I genuinely love this product. These words are coming from the bottom of my heart to help those of you that struggle with blemishes, as I once did. I have finally found my breakout solution and I want to help those that need the same. I am so very thankful! 


Let’s chat! I’m curious– have you tried the Clarisonic? Were your results similar to mine or did they differ?




  1. Lisa says

    I do like my clairsonic! My favorite part is seeing how much makeup comes off when I have a full face on… It def. gets in there and cleanses. But my new thing is popped blood vessels on my face.. I’ve been wondering if the clairsonic helps or make those worse.. Instead of acne now I’m insecure about the vessels…

    • Kirsten says

      This is interesting Lisa– do you use a sensitive brush head? I wonder if that would make a difference. Also, how often do you use it? I can only use mine at night because twice a day would just be too much for my sensitive skin. What if you tried going down to every other day? Im curious what would happen! This is great feedback though, so thanks for posting.

  2. Amber says

    Yes! I have a Clarisonic and love it. I was really interested in your experience with hormonal acne. I have it so bad right now. I’ve been to the dermatologist for almost 15 years now and this last visit she told me that.. we’ve tried everything and for hormonal acne I can: go back on birth control, try Accutane again, or chemical peels. Is there anything else you’d suggest along with the Clarisonic that helped with your hormonal acne?

    • Kirsten says

      Hey Amber- thanks for reading. I’m not a dermatologist, sometimes I wish I was! So I’ll tell you what I’ve tried and hopefully it will work for you too!

      Like I said in the post, I’ve struggled with hormonal acne on and off all my life, but the last few years were actually triggered by getting off the birth control pill. My skin was doing okay and I had found a good stride, I went on the pill right before my wedding, got off it less than a year later (because it made me CRAZY!) and that’s when I started getting the really bad, cystic break outs every month. The pill caused my hormones to get way out of whack.

      I’m with you- I tried it all: gluten free diet, creams, antibiotics, etc.. I began eating cleaner and cut out mostly processed foods and that helped a little- I would get 1 large cystic blemish/month instead of 3. Since then, I’ve reintroduced bread but cut out cheese (and most dairy) and there seems to be even more improvement.

      Have you ever played around with your diet for a month or so at a time to see if anything changes? I’m a huge proponent of balancing hormones naturally, not by using artificial hormones which seems to sometimes worsen things in the long run. We can do that by eating certain foods. I did a lot of research on the topic and a quick google will bring up articles like this one with tips to balance your hormones naturally.

      Then, once I found the Clarisonic, things completely turned around! I stopped getting even one blemish a month.

      In short, here is what worked for me over time: eating cleaner foods targeted at balancing hormones, washing only once a day with a plant-based, gentle cleanser (because I have sensitive skin and can break out from over-washing), and then finally it ALL cleared up when I began my Clarisonic regimen. I guess my case was both hormonal and improper washing.

      I urge you not to go onto Accutane, Amber– I have several friends that have irreversible and traumatic side effects from the drug. Let’s see if we can find a natural solution out there for you! Our bodies want to, and can be in balance, we just have to find what works for our individual cases. Let me know anything further I can do to help, I know how frustrating this issue can be!


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